RAID Manager cannot recognize the hard drive?

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RAID Manager cannot recognize the hard drive?

Post by TMroy » 16 May 2020, 17:25


Applicable models:
TerraMaster D5-300

RAID Manager is a configuration tool for the hardware array controller of TerraMaster USB storage device. If you want to create a hardware array, you need to install RAID Manager on your computer. If you install a hard drive with data and want to use SINGLE mode, you can simply start using your device without changing any settings

If you have installed hard drives into TerraMaster D5-300, but RAID Manager cannot recognize the hard drives, please try following solutions:

1. Windows Defender is likely to have blocked RAID Manager. Therefore, go to Windows Defender’s settings, and unblock RAID Manager.
2. Your hard drive may have been used on other devices. Please format the hard drive and try again.

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