F2-220 Failing to read hard drives during Initialization

Initialization of newly purchased TNAS or re-installation of your TNAS
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F2-220 Failing to read hard drives during Initialization

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Hi there, bought an F2-220 second hand, and having issues with Hard drive detection. I have 2 drives, and when I start initializing it only ever detects one. I have plugged both drives in one at a time (on drive is plugged in and not the other) and Initialization will see it, but not both at the same time. Changing which SATA port it is plugged into does not change this. If I choose to continue initializing once the one drive is checked and marked good, after installing TOS and rebooting it will say no drives are detected at all, and I will need to power down and reseat the drives over and over to get the system to see them again.
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Re: F2-220 Failing to read hard drives during Initialization

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If you confirm that there is no problem with the hard drive, please check if you are using the original power supply. The original power supply can generally provide sufficient output power of around 40W. You can also replace it with another 12V higher power power adapter.
If you ultimately confirm that the problem is not related to the power supply, you can determine that the problem is in F2-220. You can try to disassemble and clean the dust, and use an eraser to clean the gold finger.
If F2-220 still does not function properly after cleaning.
If none of the above operations can solve the problem, it can only be considered as a fault of F2-220.
To contact our team, please send email to following addresses, remember to replace (at) with @:
Technical team: support(at)terra-master.com (for technical support)
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