Plex not finding new files.

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Plex not finding new files.

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Hi All,

I recently purchased a F4-424 Pro running TOS 5.1.131. This is my first NAS and I am still figuring some things out. The biggest issue I am having is with Plex. Any new media I add will not show in Plex. I have auto refresh turned on and manual refresh doesn't work either.

There is only 2 ways I found to get plex to find the new files and both are not ideal.
  • Restart TOS. As soon as plex boots up it finds the new media.
  • Deny the media user group access to the volume and reallow. Plex will rescan the entire library and add the new media.
Is there a setting I am missing somewhere? Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Plex not finding new files.

Post by TMeric »

Please check whether the folder where you store the video has read and write permissions for the media user group?
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