iTunes Set Up on F4-234 NAS

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iTunes Set Up on F4-234 NAS

Post by DavidEber »

I am unable to get iTunes shared library to work w/ F4-234 NAS while I am in the house on the same network and am out of idea. Please help.

ISSUE: I can see the NAS Server and the name I gave the music folder in the iMusic app on all the computers in the house. …under the library menu. Just when I click the server it quickly flickers, flashing for a 1/2 sec as it attempts to connect, then it goes back to the default library.

Note: I can see the music libraries I created on other home computers…so don't believe the router is blocking it or any firewalls on the computers...even though I am not going ou

This makes me think it is something to do with the NAS set up…Network or permissions. So I:

1. Enabled the iTunes Server app. Authorizing the only directory it lets you… /Music. Set no password…and tried it with a password… iMusic on mac computer never asked for password regardless. Tells me connect is not even coming close to connecting.

2. I denied all users, folders, and application permissions for everyone including the admin User I created. I then reboot the NAS and reapplied read/write to everyone, every folder, every App.

3. I know little of networking (as you can tell) so I just enabled everything:
a. Enabled SMB, AFP, NFS, and WebDAV, going with the default settings when you enable the features
b. Allowed Telnet / SSH access
c. Enables UPnP and Windows Discovery (Bonjour was already on.)

4. I made sure media indexing was enabled, mapping to the default /music folder that you can't change in itunes app…

Note: While testing I only have like 20 songs in the /music directory…each in their own folder. I checked from the computer and they all have read/write for every name listed

Thanks of any idea to fix this,
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Re: iTunes Set Up on F4-234 NAS

Post by TMzethar »

After confirmation, it seems that the iTunes Server app cannot be used on higher versions of macOS.
We have notified the relevant project team to investigate and fix the issue.
To contact our team, please send email to following addresses, remember to replace (at) with @:
Technical team: support(at) (for technical support)
Service team: service(at) (for purchasing, return, replacement, RMA service)
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