TNAS mobile cannot open any shared folders?

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TNAS mobile cannot open any shared folders?

Post by TMzethar » 13 Sep 2021, 16:22


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Cause Analysis
With the read and write permissions of all shared folders and the network is smooth, I can't access any shared folders suddenly using TNAS mobile, and trying to upgrade to the latest version still fails. The fault occurred in TOS 4.2.12 version, and the upgrade system failed to update the relevant configuration of TNAS mobile.

A:Reinstall the system and update all system configuration files to fix the problem. When your system settings and applications are not complicated, and you can easily reset them at any time, consider this quickest way.How to re-install your TOS?

B:If your system has complex settings, many applications, and difficulty in reconfiguration. You can consider to log in to the SSH terminal and update the system configuration file of TNAS mobile separately to fix the problem.
1. Download "" and unzip it to get "mobile.class.php".

2. Use TOS upload function or smb file service to transfer mobile.class.php to public/.

3. Log in to the SSH terminal (How to log in to the SSH terminal?), After logging in successfully, enter the following command to update the TNAS mobile system configuration file:

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cp /mnt/public/mobile.class.php /usr/www/include/class/
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