TOS 5 Key Features and Enhancements

More about TOS 5 new features and improvements. Note: this forum is not for bug report! If you want to report bug, please go to the correct forum.
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TOS 5 Key Features and Enhancements

Post by TMroy » 16 Jun 2022, 16:37


Smart initialization
Automatically select the default system configuration, automatically create volumes and storage pools, and automatically complete the initial configuration, simplifying the system installation process for you.

Custom system installation location
It is up to you to choose which hard disk the system is installed on according to your needs.

Download system bootloader online
The bootloader is automatically downloaded from the TerraMaster server to keep your bootloader up to date.

TRAID set as default
TerraMaster's latest TRAID is used by default, which makes it easier for you to continuously expand storage space with larger capacity and double the disk utilization.


Desktop and Login Wallpaper
Customize your desktop or login wallpaper to suit your individual needs.

Desktop notification
Make notifications easier to read and prevent you from missing important notifications with a tiled display.

User settings
Set the user's basic information, including email, password, OTP login verification, etc."

Application management
The application can be deleted and uninstalled on the desktop without entering the application center.

New system information popup
The newly designed system information pop-up window displays richer content, and a shortcut key for entering the resource overview is added."


App permissions
Administrators can assign application permissions to users and user groups.

Recycle Bin Empty Scheduled Task
Added a customizable scheduled task for emptying the recycle bin. You can set the frequency and time of emptying the recycle bin by yourself.


Force to use HTTPS
Force redirection of HTTP access to HTTPS for security.

SMB file service advanced settings
Customize SMB configuration according to user needs.

wsdd2 discovery
Allow your Windows 10 and Windows 11 computers to discover the samba share of the TNAS.

Media index
Customize the directory of media index includes subdirectories.


File system compression
Enable the file system compression, set the compression level according to your needs, automatically compress files when storing files, and reduce the usage of disk space.

Disk SMART long test
Advanced mode for SMART test, takes longer time, but the test result is more comprehensive.

SMART Scheduled task
Customize SMART scheduled tasks, and regular health monitoring of the disk, If a risk is identified, a notification will be sent to the administrator.

Bad Block Alert
Scan the disk for bad blocks. If there is an increase in bad blocks in the disk, a notification will be sent to the administrator.

Disk benchmark
Disk benchmark tests on disks to determine if the disk is working properly.

Disk removal
Remove the disk from the array so that the hard disk can be replaced while keeping the data safe.

Secure erase
Randomly write to 0 or 1 to disks to entirely erase all data on disks, and protect your sensitive data. Once data is erased, it cannot be recovered.

Write cache switch
Switch off the write cache to prevent a risk of data loss due to unwritten data in the hard drive cache in the event of an unexpected power outage.

Synchronization speed
Custom the RAID sync speed according to your needs, and the slow, fast, or custom sync speed can be selected.

Fast Repair
Compared to regular repairs, fast repairs will skip unused disk space in the array for faster repairs.

Data Scrubbing
Performing data scrubbing regularly ensures data consistency in the array and reduces the risk of data loss in the event of a hard drive failure.

USB encryption
Encrypt your data stored on USB to have better privacy and security.

USB permissions control
Assign user access permissions to your USB storage to trusted users.

SSD cache array
Installed with multiple SSDs as cache, configuring the SSDs to a RAID to improve cache performance and security. Available array types are RAID 0, and RAID 1.

SSD cache advanced settings
Read or write directly from disk for continuously I/O data to improve the performance and increase SSD lifetime.

With flexible array configuration, you can choose different capacity hard disks to create storage pools, which can optimize capacity and performance, reduce the waste of hard disk space and provide redundancy for one hard disk failure.


Sync system time with web browser
Synchronize system time with browser time, and keep your system time up to date.

Configuration Search
Through the search feature on the Control panel, you can jump to the specified section through the searched results.

Scheduled Tasks
Create your own scheduled tasks to empty the recycle bin, run services, and execute custom scripts at scheduled times."

Multiple recipients
The system email notification can be sent to more recipients, which is more convenient for system administrators to maintain the TNAS."

Auto download
The system will check and download the available update package every 24 hours automatically.

Certificate management
Assign an SSL certificate to a service or application according to your needs.

Resource monitoring

System information board
Get a clearer understanding of the operating status of each system resource, hardware, and network through a graphical interface."

System resource monitoring
Continuously detect system resource occupancy and display it through a graphical interface.

System load monitoring
Continuously monitor the load condition of the system.

Disk I/O Monitoring
Continuously monitor hard disk read/write I/O records.

Service Monitoring and Control
Monitor and control the ports and status of services.

Port monitoring
Listen to the port that a system service or application is using.

Online user monitoring
Monitor users who are currently accessing TNAS through various services.

Application monitoring
Monitor the status of installed applications on the system.

Service resource usage
Monitor the CPU and memory usage of service resources and count the total CPU usage time

File manager

Recently visited
Record the files recently accessed by users, which is convenient for quick file search.

Add the frequently used files or folders to Favorites for quick access.

Generate share links for files or folders for family or friends to browse or download.

Web File Service Log
Record file operations in file management and view them in the "Log Center" application.

File compression code page
Customize the file code page to be downloaded to adapt to various usage environments.

homes directory
The home directories of all users are centrally stored in one directory, which is convenient for administrators to view and manage the personal directories of other members."

HTML 5 multimedia playback plugin
A more powerful multimedia online decoding tool, which is convenient for online browsing and playback of pictures, audio, and video.

File task sorting
Classify and sort the file task process and status, making it easier to query the file operation status.

Drag and drop upload
Upload files or folders by dragging and dropping them into the file manager window of the TOS web page, increase the convenience of file operations;

Folder upload
Upload folders through the TOS webpage to provide file upload efficiency.

Remote access

Server recommendation
The server has deployed servers in many places around the world, and the system can recommend the preferred server according to the user's location.

DDNS multiple connections
You can use multiple DDNS connections at the same time, and freely choose a domain name for remote access.

Add DDNS service provider
You can add new DDNS service providers and configure the connection parameters by yourself. This function requires a high level of user expertise.


One-stop backup portal
The "Backup" section integrates a variety of commonly used backup applications, making it easier for you to understand the purpose of each backup tool and pick the right one for your to use.

TFM Backup
TFM Backup is the abbreviation of TerraMaster Folder Mirror backup. TFM Backup is a backup tool for TNAS folders or mounted folders. With TFM Backup, you can easily back up shared folders in TNAS to other local storage locations.

TFSS (TerraMaster File System Snapshot) provides snapshots for all BTRFS file systems, effectively avoiding data loss caused by the misoperation or ransomware attacks.

Time Machine quota
Enable Time Machine's storage quota, and backups stop automatically when the capacity used by the backup exceeds the quota limit.

APP Center

App installation path
The installation path of the application has been changed to the data partition. Even if you reinstall the system, all application configurations are preserved. You do not need to reinstall the application, just go to the application center to enable the application.

Application URL Alias
You can customize the URL address of the application, using an easy-to-remember URL address, you can directly open the application without visiting the TOS.

Clear application configuration
When you uninstall an application, you can choose to keep or completely delete all configuration files of the application. Deleting the configuration file of the application can completely uninstall the application without leaving any traces.

Update reminder
If an update is found for an installed app, then you will be prompted to go to Update.

Related app recommendation
Push other applications that are associated with or have dependencies on the application on the application's details page.

Optimized sort order
By optimizing the sorting order, it is easier for you to get to the update page of the applicable application.


OTP two-factor verification
After logging in with the account password, you need to enter the verification code provided by TNAS mobile bound to the mobile phone to log in"

Security consultant
When logging in, you need to enter the verification code bound to the mobile phone to improve the security of the system."

HyperLock-WORM file system
Write once and read many, protected files cannot be modified or deleted during the protection period."

Security isolation mode
Safe isolation mode can block the connection of TNAS to the Internet, prevent unauthorized programs from running, avoid malicious attacks, and put your device in a safer working environment.

PAM verification
Imported PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) authentication to improve system security.

RSA 2048 encryption
The system adopts RSA 2048 encryption when transmitting data with the user interface.

SSL certificate
The system adopts RSA 2048 encryption when transmitting data with the user interface.

To improve system security, the root user is disabled, and a user-defined superuser is enabled to replace the root user.
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