New Storage Utilities in TOS 5

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New Storage Utilities in TOS 5

Post by TMroy » 25 May 2022, 19:26

The core function of a TNAS is data storage and backup. TOS 5 has fully optimized storage management and added more utilities to facilitate users to monitor the health status of storage space and increase storage space utilization.

Hard disk Benchmark
Through the hard disk benchmark test, you can better understand your hard disk's read/write, latency, and throughput performance. The hard disk benchmark can also reflect the health of the hard disks.

Hard Disk Secure Erase
Secure Erase can completely erase the data on the disk by randomly writing 0 or 1 to the disk. Securely erased hard drive data can no longer be recovered, suitable for users who store sensitive data.

SMART Long Test
SMART is an important indicator of hard drive reliability. SMART Quick Test and SMART Long Test options have been added to TOS 5. You can get more accurate hard drive health indicators with the SMART long test, but the advanced long will take more time.

Hard Disk Bad Block Warning
Enable monitoring of the bad blocks of the hard disk. Once the number of bad blocks increases, a notification and warning will be sent to the administrator.

By periodically TRIMing the SSD, the storage sectors are pre-initialized to maintain the excellent read and write performance of the SSD.

Hard disk Operation Log
Record all operations of the system or the user to the hard disk.

Array Synchronization Settings
Device performance is affected during array synchronization. The new system allows users to customize the synchronization speed of the array according to their needs.

Data Scrubbing
Data scrubbing is the process of modifying or removing incomplete, incorrect, inaccurately formatted, or duplicated data in a database. Data scrubbing improves data consistency, accuracy, and reliability.

File System Defragmentation
File system defragmentation can reorder, optimize and organize scattered data fragments, thereby improving the efficiency of disk data reading and writing.

File System Compression
Once file system compression is enabled, data stored to TNAS will be automatically compressed to save storage space. Users can customize the compression level. The higher the compression level, the higher the compression rate and the more space saved, but the slower the writing speed.

SSD Cache Array
Failure of an SSD serving as a cache will risk data loss. Users of TOS 5 can set up an array for multiple SSD caches, such as RAID 1 for 2 SSDs, even if one SSD fails, it will not affect the normal operation of the cache, thereby reducing the risk of data loss.
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