RAID Manager Installation Guide (macOS Monterey 12.0.1 or later)

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RAID Manager Installation Guide (macOS Monterey 12.0.1 or later)

Post by TMzethar » 25 May 2022, 14:04

Install the latest RAID Manager program that allows you to manage the arrays on your device in the latest macOS Monterey.

Applicable Model: D5-300

Step 1: Get root privileges on Mac
1.1 Keep the device powered on and connect it to your computer;
1.2 Log in to macOS as a system administrator, Go to "Lauchpad > Others > Terminal", and click to run the "Terminal";
1.3 Enter command: sudo -i
1.4 Press Enter;
1.5 Enter your password, and press Enter (When you enter your password, your password will not be displayed).
1.6 When you see something like: xxxxxxxxx:~ root#, this means you successfully get the root permission;


Step 2: Install the new version of RAID Manager

2.1 Download the RAID Manager.
2.2 Double click to open RAIDManager_Beta.dmg;
2.3 Select and right-click "RAIDManager" , click "Show Package Contents > Contents > MacOS > RAIDManager;
2.4 Right-click "RAIDManager", click "Copy";
2.5 Paste "RAIDManager" into the terminal window and press Enter;


2.6 The RAID Manager interface will pop up;
Note: If you get a message that the installation is stopped because of security reasons, you need to go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy, and allow RAID Manager to run.

Video guide: https://terrahelp.oss-cn-hongkong.aliyu ...

Important Notice:
Since the D5-300 has been on the market for more than 7 years, the device hardware has been updated several times during the years. The older hardware versions are not compatible with the latest macOS Monterey systems, which means that even with the latest RAID Manager program, you will not be able to manage the arrays on the device. Only the latest 3 hardware versions can support MacOS Monterey systems: B01-D5300NEW-S1, B01-D5300NEW-S2, B01-D5300NEW-S3; be sure to pay attention to which version your hardware belongs to.

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Technical team: support(at) (for technical support)
Service team: service(at) (for purchasing, return, replacement, RMA service)

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