Plex cannot be enabled and "Operation Failed" is displayed.

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Plex cannot be enabled and "Operation Failed" is displayed.

Post by TMRyan » 05 Jun 2023, 19:27

Operating instruction

Applicable models: All TNAS models
Applicable system: TOS 5

Fault phenomenon
If the Plex fails to be enabled for a certain TNAS user after being used for a period of time, the Operation Failed message is displayed. This may indicate that the Plex database is damaged. For details, see the following countermeasures.

1.Go to TOS App Center > Installed,disable Plex.
2.Go to the TOS desktop, open File Manager, and access Plex > Library > Application Support > Plex Media Server > Plug-in Support >Databases, find the database in use ((the file name extension is db)), rename the database in use and back it up.
3. Go to TOS App Center > Installed,restart Plex.
4. If Plex still cannot be enabled, go to TOS Control Panel > Shared folder, change the Plex folder name and enable Plex again.
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