How to add RAM module to TerraMaster NAS

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Re: How to add RAM module to TerraMaster NAS

Post by TMroy » 07 Jan 2023, 03:00


Warning! The F2-220 was a very old model which released 7 years ago, it has been end of life for 3 years. Even its successor, the F2-221, will soon be discontinued. Its bios never been changed unless you do it by yourself. You are suspected of violating forum rules by providing false information to mislead others.
To contact our team, please send email to following addresses, remember to replace (at) with @:
Technical team: support(at) (for technical support only)
Service team: service(at) (for purchasing, return, replacement, RMA service)

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Re: How to add RAM module to TerraMaster NAS

Post by markc » 22 Jan 2023, 13:39

Can anyone tell me the correct screwdriver type and size to remove the screws from a F4-423, so I can upgrade the ram?

There are 6 screw sockets and the screws are so tight I am terrified of stripping the slots in the top of the screws. I've managed to loosen 3 of them, but the other 3 are really, really tight. I need to purchase the EXACT sized screwdriver to get the screws out without damaging the top of the screws.

Furthermore, I know it's a Philips Head screwdriver, but I need some idea of the size of the screwdriver to look for... what would a professional tech use in this case?

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