New Purchase Questions

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New Purchase Questions

Post by kwandart » 30 Jul 2023, 20:53

I'm looking at ordering a T6-423 from the online Terramastet store, but have some questions:

1) is it possible to ensure the N5105 chip? Looking for lower TDW power consumption versus the N5095, and unit seems to specify either chip. Alternatively, is there a new 6 to 9 bay on the horizon?

2) Where does unit ship from? I'll pick up in Canada, and concerned about timeframes to receive, once I place order.

3) Is 20 Tb the maximum drive size?

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Re: New Purchase Questions

Post by brokenmass » 09 Aug 2023, 17:26

I can help regarding question 1:

I don't think you can choose the cpu, T6/T9/T12 only have N5095 ( ... u&mid=1238) even though I saw some other location listing both too.

Said so it's a great little cpu and the only difference between 5095 and 5105 is the max TDP and a theoretically weaker gpu. Said do remember that it's just an upper limit, so don't let it scare you (and jellyfin hardwared transcoding works perfectly with the 5095 works)

Said so I actually 'modded' my nas a bit to add a centrifugal fan and for less than 15£ and with no difference in noise, I've reduced (both average and max ) temperature by almost 20degree (average from 65 to 49 and max from 80 to 60).

Another thing to know is RAM limit. even if intel page states that max limit for the 5095/5105 cpu is 16 gb that is not correct. I've been running 32gb without an issue and i believe someone has even been using 64gb (that might be overkill)

My nas has been running truenas scale (that i prefer over TOS) for quite some time and it's doing great !

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