Anti-Virus for F4-210

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Anti-Virus for F4-210

Post by ianbhenderson73 » 09 Sep 2021, 09:23


I currently have an installation of Norton AV on my desktop and laptop computers, which is great at protecting both of those devices. However there isn't a corresponding component which can offer that same level of protection for my F4-210.

Can someone recommend for me a product that could be downloaded and subsequently installed onto the TNAS unit, and which could then update itself as and when required? I know I could theoretically run NAV scans against the TNAS unit but that would involve having the PC switched on long enough to do that, and would only read the shared sections of the TNAS when I would prefer to have a full sweep done of the unit on a scheduled basis.

I did think about downloading Clam for the TNAS but it appears not to be available as an Application any more.


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