Configuration Recommendations for SSD Cache

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Configuration Recommendations for SSD Cache

Post by TMroy » 24 May 2022, 17:14

Since enabling SSD cache will consume a certain amount of TNAS memory. It is recommended that the memory usage of the SSD cache should not exceed 50~70% of the total memory capacity of the TNAS, otherwise the device performance of the TNAS may be affected.

The following are configuration recommendations for SSD caching:

Memory size: Recommended SSD cache capacity (Max)
2GB RAM : 160GB SSD Caching
4GB RAM : 320GB SSD Caching
6GB RAM : 500GB SSD Caching
8GB RAM : 800GB SSD Caching
10GB RAM : 1000GB SSD Caching
12GB RAM : 1280GB SSD Caching
16GB RAM : 1600GB SSD Caching
32GB RAM : 3200GB SSD Caching
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