F2-210/F4-210 is bricked after TOS update?

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F2-210/F4-210 is bricked after TOS update?

Post by TMSupport » 04 Aug 2020, 17:15


Applicable model: F2-210/F4-210

After TOS update, TNAS PC could not detect your TNAS, all LED indicators are solid green, power button is not working; device could not be detected too after rebooting it without hard drives.

It's possible that the kernel is incomplete because of the failed update.

Follow the instructions to resolve this issue:
1. Download the following file:
For 1GB model: http://dl.terra-master.com/cn/firmware.img
For 2GB model: http://dl.terra-master.com/en/firmware.img
TFTPserver tool: https://dl.terra-master.com/en/tftpd.rar
2. Extract TFTPserver tool, the file name would be tftpd32.452;
3. Copy and paste firmware.img file to the root directory of tftpd32.452;
4. Connect your TNAS with your computer directly using the network cable;
5. Pull out all the hard drives from your TNAS;
6. Change your computer's local IP address to;
7. Double click TFTPserver.exe to run it;
8. Short press the power button on the TNAS device to turn it on, the TFTP software interface will display the status of reading bar, indicating that the kernel is being installed;
9. Wait for 15 minutes to let the installation be completed;
10. The TNAS device will be turned off automatically when the installation is finished.
11. Press the power button on the TNAS device and wait for about 30 seconds, the kernel is installed successfully if the Power and LAN indicator is green and HDD indicator is dimmed.
12. Connect your TNAS to your router with network cable;
13. Run TNAS PC to search your device;
14. Follow the instructions to reinstall your TOS.

Do not power off your device when the kernel is being installed.

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