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Initboot update required for high memory usage

Posted: 21 Jul 2020, 18:40
by TMSupport

As for the high memory usage issue, Initboot update is required. Please follow the instructions below to release the memory.

Applicable model: F2-210 / F4-210

Download link:
For 1GB Memory model:
For 2GB Memory model:

1. please download the suitable file;
2. upload the downloaded file to your TNAS under directory public;
3. SSH login to access your TNAS as root, the password is the same as admin’s password;
4. copy the file to directory /tmp , you can use the cmd line below to execute:
mv /mnt/md0/public/firmware.img /tmp/
5. input cmd

1. It will take 5 – 10 minutes , do not power it off until it completes.
2. Please reboot your device and check after the process is finished.
3. The transcoding feature of multimedia server would be affected and it could not be used after memory release.