Hard Drive Hibernation doesn't work?

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Hard Drive Hibernation doesn't work?

Post by TMroy » 21 May 2020, 13:18


Applicable models: all models

If your hard drives do not receive an access request within a preset time, they will go into hibernation. In order to adapt to different hard drives,
the hibernation feature has been optimized in TOS 4.1.18 and TOS 4.1.21, many users confirmed the hibernation is working properly now.

If your hard drive hibernation still does not work, please check the following:
  • Make sure the feature has been enable on TOS control panel correctly;
  • Check again if there are applications running;
  • Check if there is scheduled task running;
  • Make sure you have signed out the TOS and closed the webpage;
1. For the newly set RAID, the system will take about 24 to 48 hours to do journal and balance for the file system, during this time, your drive will not able to hibernate. The actual time required depends on the drive capacity.
2. During drive hibernation, the drive indicators will stay on;
3. To confirm if your drive is in hibernation, touch the device body with your hand. if you don't feel any viberation, your drives may be in hibernation.

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