TerraMaster Exclusive warranty

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TerraMaster Exclusive warranty

Post by TMsupport6 » 23 Sep 2020, 14:27

TerraMaster Exclusive worry-free warranty----Brand new replacement for 2 years, quick service in 24 hours!


Most of TerraMaster devices are provided with two-year stress-free warranty and a round-the-clock rapid response quality guarantee based on replacement rather than repair. In any case of hardware failure during the warranty period, the unit will be replaced with a brand new device, and any questions will be answered within 24 hours of receipt to ensure rapid problem resolution.

Eligible Model:
2BAY: F2-210、F2-220、F2-221、F2-420、F2-421、F2-422、D2-310、D2-Clone、TD2-Thunderbolt3、TD2-Thunderbolt3 Plus
4BAY: F4-210、F4-220、F4-221、F4-420、F4-421、F4-422、D4-300、D4-Thunderbolt3
5BAY: F5-220、F5-221、F5-420、F5-421、F5-422、D5-300、D5-300C、D5-Thunderbolt3

Nonparticipant Model:

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