Stronger, Newer, and More Exceptional! TerraMaster's 423 Series Welcomes a Brand-new Upgrade

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Stronger, Newer, and More Exceptional! TerraMaster's 423 Series Welcomes a Brand-new Upgrade

Post by TMroy » 10 Dec 2023, 15:28


Since the release of the 423 series TNAS based on the x.86 platform by TerraMaster in March 2022, 22 months have passed. As an upgrade to the 421/221 series, the 423 series is equipped with an Intel Celeron N5105/5095 CPU, 4GB DDR4 memory, two 2.5GB network ports, two M.2 NVMe sockets, and runs on the new generation TOS 5 operating system. With its outstanding performance and cost-effectiveness, the 423 series quickly became a star product in TerraMaster's TNAS product line, with cumulative global shipments exceeding 100,000 units.


Now, nearly two years later, TerraMaster has introduced the upgrade to the 423 series: the 424 series. The brand-new 424 series adopts the Intel 12th Generation CPU Alder Lake N95, 8GB DDR5 memory, two 2.5GB network ports, two M.2 NVMe sockets, and adds a USB Type-C host interface and a USB Type-A interface, achieving a 40% improvement in overall performance compared to the previous generation. It's worth mentioning that a more powerful version, the 424 Pro, has also been launched, equipped with an Intel Core i3 CPU and up to 32GB DDR5 memory, catering to the needs of individuals and business users who demand higher performance. The 424 series will come with the new generation TOS 5.1 operating system and can be smoothly upgraded to the TerraMaster TOS 6 operating system in the future.


TOS 6 represents a new chapter in TerraMaster's operating system, demonstrating outstanding improvements in performance, usability, and aesthetic design compared to its predecessor. Currently, TOS 6 is in the insider preview phase, and we plan to release its beta version to the public shortly, inviting everyone to experience this brand-new operating system together."


In terms of exterior design, the 424 series incorporates TerraMaster's brand-new design concept, undergoing substantial optimizations based on user requirements. Not only does the overall appearance appear more sleek and elegant, but the installation of hard drives has also been simplified. Moreover, considering users' needs to replace memory and install M.2 NVMe SSDs, a removable sliding cover has been specially designed, allowing for easy installation by simply unscrewing two screws. Significant improvements have also been made in noise reduction, with optimized internal structural design and added measures to suppress noise diffusion, resulting in a significant enhancement of active noise reduction performance in the new generation of products, achieving a 50% reduction in overall noise levels compared to the previous generation.

The 424 series comprises three models: F2-424 (2-bay), F4-424 (4-bay), and F4-424 Pro (4-bay), catering to the demands of home users, SOHO, and small businesses for high-performance NAS.

The 424 series will be available for purchase in China, the United States, and select European markets soon and will soon be fully launched in other markets. Stay tuned! ... 4-pro.html ... 4-148.html
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Re: Stronger, Newer, and More Exceptional! TerraMaster's 423 Series Welcomes a Brand-new Upgrade

Post by Kanuki » 12 Jan 2024, 12:51

Here is the idea for your F5-424 Pro or Fx_425

- At least 2 or 3 slots of M.2 NVMe slots

- Give user the ability to choose where to install the TOS
either on the NVMe SSD pool or HDD pool if they have at
least 2 x NVMe SSDs installed.

- The balance NVMe SSD usable capacity will be configured
as caching tier using either RAID1 or RAID0 mode for HDD capacity tier.

- Built-in TOS migration tool.
Let say I install TOS on HDD pool originally and then I install
2 x M.2 NVMe SSDs. TOS can allow me to migrate TOS from HDD pool
into SSD pool.

- At least 1 x 10Gbps Base-T port.
Since NVMe SSD cache is extremely fast so the user can really benefit
from 10Gbps Base-T this time.

P.S. Please give me one unit of F5-42x if you want to follow my idea. :lol:

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