D4-300 RAID unit and Linux

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D4-300 RAID unit and Linux

Post by ncpl » 31 Jul 2020, 23:27

I have a D4-300 with 4x6TB in RAID 0. Has been working really well for a few years connected to a Roon music core running on a NUC/win10.

I recently moved the Roon music core onto a NUC/Linux platform. However, the DAS is just not visible to the NUC. I have a few questions that I hope might clarify what (if anything) I might be able to do.

1) Is the D3-400 Raid unit just not compatible with a Linux-based platform no matter what ?

2) Does the Linux unit need a specific driver to be able to access the DAS? If so, is that available?

3) Is there a config of the DAS RAID that would be compatible e.g. JBOD? (clutching at straws I know)

4) Is the latest D4-300 unit compatible? Linux is listed on the spec but I'd rather not purchase another just to find out it still requires a driver in the unit it attaches to.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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