TD2 RAID only recognized as USB on Mac Pro

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TD2 RAID only recognized as USB on Mac Pro

Post by aliengirl » 13 Feb 2024, 01:59

I Have a TD2 setup as a RAID 0. I cannot get my computer to recognize the drive as connected via thunderbolt, which is affecting the speed that I am able to access video files on the RAID. I have tried connecting to all the various thunderbolt ports on my computer, tried different cables, and restarted multiple times. I also mounted the drive on another Mac Pro and found the same problem. This seems like a new issue as it used to run much faster.

Mac Pro (2019)
Mac OS 12.6.8

I also have a D5 RAID enclosure that is not having the same USB issue.

Emailed tech support twice so far with ZERO response.
DiskSpeedTest TD2.png

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