DAS - best option for libraries, samples, cache and project files?

RAID storage for video editing professionals or who care much about the speed
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DAS - best option for libraries, samples, cache and project files?

Post by amd » 27 Nov 2022, 21:22


I've recently purchased Live 11 upgrade and I'm considering updating my MBP 15" i7 Mid 2012 running High Sierra on ssd (1tb w/OS/daws/waves & 2tb w/libraries/samples/data/iTunes music folder).
It's a beautiful machine but I can't run Live 11 on it for obvious reasons so I'm buying a new/refurbished M1 14" but I won't be able to purchase an internal ssd larger than 2tb.
I've been backing up on external hdd/ssds all projects and libraries, not the best nor the safiest practice but since 2010 I've tried to avoid time machine due to practical reasons. Now I feel like a DAS equipped with ssd and connected in thunderbolt 3/4 with 2 or more bays could offer me two advantages with M1:
  • Have all my data on external ssd with fast access
  • Safer system to backup without relying on time machine
If I move the data ssd content to the 1st DAS my biggest concerns are:
  • OSX:
  • Live v10/11: audio cache and read/write speed known issues
  • Spitfire BBCSO, Kontakt full, samples & other libraries: is it fast enough to access data?
  • Waves Horizon v14: I believe I should I keep them on internal ssd (or not?)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro: Editing videos crates a ton of Media cache, these files are usually kept on project's source ssd; should I keep it that way on move those too?
  • the DAS itself: better get one for data and one for backups or just one doing both? managing both backup and access to data on the same machine seems cool but feels safer to have each machine doing it's job. Plus, 2xTD2+ are still cheaper than D5
  • the DAS/backup software: what should I rely on and if there's any tested/valid arternatives to time machine
After checking all the major brands and all previous posts on ableton forum regarding DAS, the options I've considered are both thunderbolt 3:
  • TD2 + TD2 (1st w/data 2nd for backups)
  • D5 (2 bays w/data 3 bays for backups)
I forgot to mention I still use my lap for dj gigs with traktor pro 2/3 w/or Live 10, can't wait to check the main updates/differences.

Any thoughts or advice on this would be really appreciated.

Thank you.DAS - best option for libraries, samples, cache and project files?

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