TOS4.2.11 Beta(X86) is released for testing!

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TOS4.2.11 Beta(X86) is released for testing!

Post by TMSupport » 01 Apr 2021, 08:58

Important Notes
Beta version is an early version of a program or application that contains most of the major features, but is not yet complete, there may still be bugs. This version is released only to a select group of people, or to the general public, for testing and feedback. We do not recommend that you use the Beta version in your work environment.

Applicable models:

Applicable TOS:
4.1.30 or later versions only. Not suitable for TOS 4.2.0X Beta!!!

Release Notes
This update includes following bug fixes for the previous version.
1. Added the module allowing users to customize the username of admin.
2. Modified the allowed user of SSH access that only admin user could SSH access TNAS.
3. Added the feature of WebDav server.
4. Added the feature of Favorite at File Manager.
5. Fixed the bug of mounting folders remotely.
6. Updated Initboot to V4.9.7.
7. Optimized the process of turning on/off the device.
8. Added Setting of Buzzer.
9. Added Alarm Notification.
10. Added Advanced Setting at SMB File Service.
11. Enabled Recycle bin for shared folders as default.
12. Added the process to input admin’s password to delete a shared folder.
13. Optimized the access method after changing the port of HTTP/HTTPS.
14. Changed the status of Telnet service to be disabled as default.
15. Fixed the issue of failed importing of SSL certificate.

How to apply this new update?
1. Download the update package:
For X86 models: ... 261000.bz2
2. Go to TOS> Control Panel> General Settings> Update & Restore, and click “Manual Update”;
3. Click "Browse" to select the update package;
4. Click "Apply";
5. Clean your browser cache after update.

How to reinstall your TOS?
In case your update fails, and you may need to reinstall your TOS, follow the instructions below.

Download the installation package:
For X86 models: ... 261000.ins

1. Log in to TOS and go to TOS Desktop> Control Panel> General Settings> Update and Restore> Backup and Restore;
control panel.png
2. Tick "Backup system configuration" to back up your system configuration;
backup config.png
3. Go to TOS Desktop> Control Panel> General Settings> Update and Restore> Restore to Factory Default;
restore factory default.png
4. Tick "Restore to factory default", and then click "Apply"; your system will be erased, but the data on the hard drives will not be deleted;
5. Refresh the browser page, and follow guide on the page to install a new TOS;
6. If the page refresh fails, please use TNAS PC to search for your TNAS device; Then select the device and click "Login"; Follow the web page to install the new TOS;
7. After the system installation is complete, log in to TOS and go to TOS desktop> Control Panel> General Settings> Update and Restore> Backup and Restore to restore your backed up system configuration.

Issue report:
If you encounter issue during using, please report to TerraMaster official forum “TOS update”.
To contact our tech team, please email to support(at), remember to replace (at) with @

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