Welcome! Please Read This First.

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Welcome! Please Read This First.

Post by Admin » 10 Mar 2020, 13:33

Welcome to TerraMaster forum!

TerraMaster Forum is a public forum and a platform for reporting issues, searching for technical help, and discussing TerraMaster products.
The forum is operated and supported by TerraMaster team. We encourage you to interact and help each other and answer each other's questions.

Don’t be surprised when you see that the forum is full of issues. It must be full of all kinds of issues and complaints, because the purpose of the forum itself is to provide you with a platform for feedback, and more importantly, to help you find answers and get help. We can accept complaints and even harsh criticisms, as long as it can help you solve problems and help us improve product quality, unless it is insulting words or personal attacks, we will be happy to listen.

We will try to maintain a relaxed discussion environment in the forum, but we ask that you maintain a civilized language and intonation. We will monitor the forum, and we will take necessary measures to deal with uncivilized speech or acts that violate the rules of this forum.

The following rules require your special attention:
1. Your statement in this forum does not represent TerraMaster;
2. Do not publish content that is not related to the content agreed in the forum section;
3. Dirty, uncivilized sentences and intonations are not allowed;
4. No personal attack is allowed;
5. Misinformation that can mislead others is not allowed;
6. Organizing or inciting defamation or attacks against TerraMaster is not allowed;
7. No discussion of politics;

In order to make the TerraMaster forum more tidy and orderly, and to provide users and visitors with more effective information and value,
before you decide to publish a new topic:
1. Visit the corresponding section or search to find out whether there is already content that is the same as the topic you plan to post;
2. Make sure your topic and content comply with the rules of this forum;
3. To get help quickly, make sure you have provided enough information about your issues;
4. Make sure your topic or thread is posted in the correct forum section; If it is posted in the wrong section, it will be removed and you need to create a new one in the right forum section.

The following topics will be deleted one week after the case is closed:
1. Repeated topics and contents;
2. The topic or content which does not match the actual situation;
3. There are already solutions to the issues raised in the topic;

The following topics will be deleted immediately:
1. Topic or contents that violate the rules of this forum;
2. Advertising;
3. Lack of specific issue description, just a topic expressing negative emotions;

In order to get an accurate and fast response, describe your issue in full, otherwise, others will not be able to help you;
How to ask for technical support from the TerraMaster tech team?

If you are having questions about using the forum, please check the FAQ. Or contact the administrator for help by sending a private message.

Thank you for your support!

TerraMaster Forum Administrator
Forum Administrator

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