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Notice of new forum maintenance rules

Post by Admin » 19 Feb 2021, 18:38

The TerraMaster Forum is one of the important ways for TerraMaster users to get help and support. It has been almost one year since the TerraMaster forum was launched, and the content of the forum is increasing rapidly. Recently, we have received complaints about the confusing content in the forum, not clear and orderly enough, so that accurate and useful information cannot be quickly found, which has caused some trouble to users.

In order to make the TerraMaster forum more tidy and orderly, and to provide users and visitors with more effective information and value,
before you decide to publish a new topic:
1. Visit the corresponding section or search to find out whether there is already content that is the same as the topic you plan to publish;
2. Make sure your topic and content comply with the rules of this forum;
3. To get help quickly, make sure you have provided enough information about your issues;
4. Make sure your topic will be posted in the correct forum section;

The following topics will be deleted one week after the case is closed:
1. Repeated topics and content;
2. The topic or content which does not match the actual situation;
3. There are already solutions to the issues raised in the topic;

The following topics will be deleted immediately:
1. Topic or contents that violate the rules of this forum;
2. Advertising;
3. Lack of specific issue description, just a topic expressing negative emotions;
4. Topic that does not meet the agreed definition of the forum section;

The above rules will take effect immediately from the release. Thanks for your support!
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