Official method for getting Plex updates changed?

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Official method for getting Plex updates changed?

Post by DataScientist6 » 13 May 2022, 08:43

We were curious why there's been no official Plex updates pushed through the TOS Application system in nearly a year, so we came to the site to see if there was any explanation. It looks like folks are now just installing the updates that are provided by Plex themselves for Terramaster devices, which is a little less convenient but seems to work fine for people.

So, question to TM - is this now the 'official' way to to get Plex updates going forward? If so, can you update the Plex TOS Application listing to have a pointer to the download page? We've been waiting for nearly a year for updates and we would have started manually installing the TPKs a long time ago if we had known new versions were available.

We get limited resources needing to focus on TOS 5, but it would be nice if things were more clear for users of what we're assuming is one of the most popular apps on TOS. :D

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Re: Official method for getting Plex updates changed?

Post by JimH » 02 Jul 2022, 02:10

Following - I'd like an answer to this too please - I'm still on Plex on TOS 4.2.31-2203011629 (ARM)...

Is it OK to download and install/update Plex from Plex website and install to this NAS/TOS version?

Can anyone confirm that this will work without issue/Plex reconfiguration/database loss??

Thanks in advance...

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Re: Official method for getting Plex updates changed?

Post by TMroy » 02 Jul 2022, 21:36

We have suggested to plex that the plex app itself should have an update function, or be able to receive official update notifications on the app UI so that the user can click on one button then the update could be done. We haven't received a reply from plex yet, you can also make suggestions directly to plex.
To contact our team, please send email to following addresses, remember to replace (at) with @:
Technical team: support(at) (for technical support only)
Service team: service(at) (for purchasing, return, replacement, RMA service)

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Re: Official method for getting Plex updates changed?

Post by dtaweb » 10 Jul 2022, 07:07

JimH, I had just noticed that there was an update on the Application page. I stopped my plex server. I then updated it on my f5-221 using the green update button from the terramaster applications. I then clicked on start and prepared to wait the usual 1.5 hours for the server to come up. It failed to start. I then rebooted the whole NAS and then started the plex service. It started immediately. Wow!

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