[ taxy ] A reverse proxy server with built-in WebUI

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[ taxy ] A reverse proxy server with built-in WebUI

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About: https://github.com/picoHz/taxy

Applicable models: x.64 series, ARMv8 series, ARMv8.2 series
Applicable TOS4: 4.1.27 or later versions - on request
Applicable TOS5: 5.1.37 or later versions
Applicable TOS6: 6.0.124 or later versions
App download: https://tmnascommunity.eu/download/taxy
Required packages:

App WebUI for additional settings can be accesses at:

TOS5 & TOS6: click on Support & Help from app description inside the App Center

How to manully install this app on TerraMaster application store?


Built with Rust for optimal performance and safety, powered by tokio and hyper
Supports TCP, TLS, HTTP1, and HTTP2, including HTTP upgrading and WebSocket functionality
Easily deployable single binary with a built-in WebUI
Allows live configuration updates via a REST API without restarting the service
Imports TLS certificates from the GUI or can generate a self-signed certificate
Provides Let's Encrypt support (ACME v2, HTTP challenge only) for seamless certificate provisioning
Supports automatic HTTP Brotli compression

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Re: [ taxy ] A reverse proxy server with built-in WebUI

Post by Mike2882 »

Hello , can i seek guidance on how to configure on proxies portion?
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Re: [ taxy ] A reverse proxy server with built-in WebUI

Post by samius »

Thanks, it works very quickly. But can't get acme certificate (letsencrypt). Nginx proxy manager receive cert, taxy does not.
F4-424 Pro TOS 6.0.229
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