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[ GitBucket ] Git web platform

Post by outkastm » 07 Aug 2023, 07:58


About: https://github.com/gitbucket/gitbucket

Applicable models: x.64 series, ARMv8 series
Applicable TOS4: 4.1.27 or later versions - on request
Applicable TOS5: 5.1.37 or later versions
App download: https://tmnascommunity.eu/download/GitBucket
Required packages:

App WebUI for additional settings can be accesses at:

TOS4: http(s)://yournasip:port/modules/GitBucket/www
TOS5: click on Support & Help from app description inside the App Center

How to manully install this app on TerraMaster application store?

GitBucket is a Git web platform powered by Scala offering:

Intuitive UI
High extensibility by plugins
API compatibility with GitHub

The current version of GitBucket provides many features such as:

Public / Private Git repositories (with http/https and ssh access)
GitLFS support
Repository viewer including an online file editor
Issues, Pull Requests and Wiki for repositories
Activity timeline and email notifications
Account and group management with LDAP integration
a Plug-in system


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