[ Glances ] An eye on your system

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[ Glances ] An eye on your system

Post by outkastm » 28 Jul 2023, 16:29


About: https://github.com/nicolargo/glances

Category: Tools
Applicable models: x.64 series
Applicable TOS4: 4.1.27 or later versions - on request
Applicable TOS5: 5.1.37 or later versions
App download: https://tmnascommunity.eu/download/Glances
Required packages:


App WebUI for additional settings can be accesses at:

TOS4: http(s)://yournasip:port/modules/Glances/www
TOS5: click on Support & Help from app description inside the App Center

How to manully install this app on TerraMaster application store?


Glances is an open-source system cross-platform monitoring tool. It allows real-time monitoring of various aspects of your system such as CPU, memory, disk, network usage etc. It also allows monitoring of running processes, logged in users, temperatures, voltages, fan speeds etc. It also supports container monitoring, it supports different container management systems such as Docker, LXC. The information is presented in an easy to read dashboard and can also be used for remote monitoring of systems via a web interface or command line interface. It is easy to install and use and can be customized to show only the information that you are interested in.


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Re: [ Glances ] An eye on your system

Post by crisisacting » 28 Jul 2023, 16:37

Requesting TOS 4 ×64 version please.

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