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Post by j3g » 13 Feb 2024, 07:15

Has anyone got TeslaMate working either via docker or direct install on TOS 4.x?
I can not seem to get it up and running, if anyone has pointers I would love to hear them.


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Re: TeslaMate

Post by BhambriRohunu » 22 Feb 2024, 16:31

While directly binding to privileged ports like 80 and 443 is challenging on TerraMaster NAS due to root restrictions, fret not! Here are some approaches you can consider:

1. Nginx Reverse Proxy (Recommended):

This is the most recommended and production-friendly approach. Install Nginx on your TOS system and configure it as a reverse proxy, forwarding traffic on ports 80 and 443 to TeslaMate running on a non-privileged port (e.g., 3000). This leverages Nginx's capability to handle HTTPS and provides better security and flexibility.
2. Alternative Port Configuration:

If using a docker container, ensure TeslaMate is configured to listen on a non-privileged port within the container (e.g., 3000). Configure your external router or firewall to forward traffic on ports 80 and 443 to this internal port on your TOS system.
3. External IP Binding (Limited Use):

This is only possible if your VPS allows binding external IPs to non-root processes. While it works, it's generally not recommended due to potential security implications. Consult your VPS provider for details and proceed with caution.

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