Volume 2 gone just dissapear while Tnas running

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Volume 2 gone just dissapear while Tnas running

Post by q2lamer » 26 Sep 2022, 23:48

Hello, i have a problem and would be glad if someone could help me,
i have the quad core TNas 2 Bay with 4 GB ram.
Just in work i wanted access the TNas via SMD network and all directorys was empty, i was shocked i rebootet, then it shows me the complete volume 2 is gone, i did make the newest update in hope it will help. No success-
I tryed mounting via Shell root command did not work.
Im shocked and totaly afraid that all my data is gone and lost.
the TNAS shows me my 2 Harddrives but it dont mount the Volume 2 only Volum 1

i dont know what to do PLEASE HELP me.

Thank in advance

Patrick aka q2lamer