TOS 4.2.43(ARM) is Released for Update

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Re: TOS 4.2.43(ARM) is Released for Update

Post by StephenM » 18 Sep 2023, 19:19

After my previous 2 upgrades the authorised keys I had set up stopped working and I got locked out due to the PAM security.

There were a few hoops I had to jump through to reset the security and make symlinks to a differing set of home directories so that the authorised keys started working again.

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Re: TOS 4.2.43(ARM) is Released for Update

Post by macmpi » 19 Sep 2023, 16:27

TMzethar wrote:
14 Sep 2023, 18:29
We have received your suggestion and will discuss the feasibility.
Hi, any update? There is a serious 0-day CVE-2023-42464 fixed in Netatalk 3.1.17 on Sept 16th...
TerraMaster F2-210 under TOS 4.2.43, RAID1, Btrfs, serving Mac, Linux & Windows clients

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Re: TOS 4.2.43(ARM) is Released for Update

Post by TMzethar » 19 Sep 2023, 19:01

Thank you for your reminder, there is no more information at the moment.
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