Jellyfin fully working on F2-210 NAS

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Jellyfin fully working on F2-210 NAS

Post by sapstar » 07 Jun 2021, 20:02

I was looking to setup Jellyfin on my F2-210 NAS as a docker container. The docker images didn't work out of the box and there's not much information to get it working. I was finally able to get it working by using the below approach.

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step 1:
Create 2 directories as below,

step 2:
SSH into your NAS.

step 3: (As root)
docker pull jellyfin/jellyfin

step 4: (As root)
docker run -d -p 8096:8096\
--name jellyfin \
--user 2:4 \ #####You will need to find the uid and gid using "id -u <username>", "id -g <username>"
--net=host \
-v /mnt/md0/appdata/jellyfin/cache:/cache \
-v /mnt/md0/appdata/jellyfin/config:/config \
-v /mnt/md0/public:/media \
--restart=unless-stopped \
The setup is now fully working. Connctivity from Android App, Browser and Kodi tested. I haven't tried transcoding though as my client devices support direct play for all my titles.

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