Emule and Calibre

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Re: Emule and Calibre

Post by claudiocarli » 03 Jan 2021, 17:19

Sin. I wish I could share something.
However on my Terramaster F5-422 this emule sometimes becomes impossible to reach via the web interface and I have to uninstall and reinstall it. Fortunately, by doing so it does not lose the download files.

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Re: Emule and Calibre

Post by infoaliste » 05 Jan 2021, 19:28

With my F2-221 I have the same problem that you mentioned.After several days (about a week) it is impossible to access via web and it is necessary to delete the container and reinstall it.
As you say, the shared folder has never been deleted, except one time that instead of deleting the container from the Docker app in TOS, I used the command line from ssh and I executed "docker system prune" and everything went to hell including the shared folder.

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Re: Emule and Calibre

Post by gipasoft » 21 Feb 2021, 23:05

infoaliste wrote:
11 Dec 2020, 07:54
After a couple of minutes, emule is ready and we can open the browser and manage emule through the IP of your NAS port 4711 (http://yournasip:4711)
Password: admin
Hi, How can i modify admin password?

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