An expansion on the OpenVINO

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An expansion on the OpenVINO

Post by freman » 12 Mar 2023, 10:16

I noticed that OpenVINO is installed but it seems to be missing bits?

I have an Intel Neural Compute 2 - and while they're now eol it'd still be super cool to get it be able to make it available to do the AI stuff in TerraPhotos.

It should just be a matter of having the modvius kernel module and making it possible to select the the compute stick in apps using OpenVINO.

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Re: An expansion on the OpenVINO

Post by intowholesale » 02 Jun 2023, 15:38

Even though Intel Neural Compute 2s are now end-of-life (eol), it would be awesome if I could make mine usable for TerraPhotos' artificial intelligence tasks.

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