Improvements to Multimedia Server app : Album Artist support

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Improvements to Multimedia Server app : Album Artist support

Post by TerraNAS92 » 01 Feb 2023, 02:03


My TerraMaster F2-422 NAS is essentially used as a Music server to stream music from the NAS to my Streamer/Renderer.

I am using Emby that works quite well, but Terra Master also has it's own in-house Multimedia Server.
It is quite good, but there are improvements I can suggest.

The first one would be the support for the "Album Artist" tag.
That tag is super handy when you listen, i.e. to Classical music. It often happens that classical album has a bunch of artists and so, the tracks are spread a little all over the place...
The album artist tag allows to circumvent that problem.

Some DMS have that feature (Emby is one of them).
Do you think you can add it easily ? If so, taht would be a first improvement (there are others I can suggest but let's start slowly :-).



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