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by Arn1234
11 Mar 2020, 01:38
Forum: DLNA/Multimedia Services
Topic: iTunes Server
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iTunes Server


is there any guideance for configuring iTunes Server, how to access it properly and how to bring my tunes (which are stored on my TerraMaster NAS) into my iTunes Mediathek without having them all on my MacBook?

Any good and detailed advice is much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.
by Arn1234
29 Feb 2020, 15:54
Forum: USB Copy
Topic: USB Copy
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USB Copy

Hi, I tried to backup a certain directory with a complex folder structure to a USB hard disk via USB Copy. I noticed that only the first directory has been copied to the USB drive and then nothing else was happening I tried to setup different other backup jobs with USB copy but always the same fault...